Tracy’s International Kenpo Karate Association

Promotion Lists

As was announced by GM Ted Sumner, Tracy’s International Kenpo Karate Association has been formed to oversee the business of the Tracy System of Kenpo. Among those responsibilities is the issuance and recording of rank promotions, from yellow belt (hachikyu) to 10th degree black belt (judan). As part of that process, we have undertaken the following tasks:

  1. Ensuring that people who have been promoted and ordered diplomas receive those diplomas.
  2. Updating the central database of promotions to reflect the most current and accurate listing of black belt ranks that we can.
  3. Publishing and maintaining that list.

On this website, I started with the promotion lists that GGM Al Tracy had published on his website circa 2013. Mrs. Tracy gave me her notebook that she had been keeping written records of promotions in, and I am currently undergoing to slow process of filling in all of the gaps that I can. It is approximately 10 years of promotion data.

So, what do we need? HELP!!!

  • I know that I have transposed some people’s names. First names might be last, middle names may be out of place, etc. Just let me know what to correct.
  • Numbers and dates may be incorrect.
  • You may not be on the list. If not, there is an update form on this site for you to fill out. IT IS NOT AN ORDER FORM, it is for those of you who have certificates but are not listed.
  • If you are an instructor, and you know who you have promoted and when, check the list and let me know what I need.

Please understand that the goal of this endeavor is ACCURACY. Nobody will be left off out of spite, or personal feelings, or reputation. If you are not on the list, it is because I don’t have the information I need to put you on.



Shodan – 1st Degree Black Belt Promotions

Nidan – 2nd Degree Black Belt Promotions

Sandan – 3rd Degree Black Belt Promotions

Yodan – 4th Degree Black Belt Promotions

Godan – 5th Degree Black Belt Promotions

Rokudan – 6th Degree Black Belt Promotions

Shichidan – 7th Degree Black Belt Promotions

Hachidan – 8th Degree Black Belt Promotions

Kudan – 9th Degree Black Belt Promotions

Judan – 10th Degree Black Belt Promotions