Executive Advisory Council

Grandmaster Jefferson Davis
Executive Member

Grandmaster Jefferson Davis, 10th dan

Grandmaster Jefferson Davis has been a part of the Tracy System family since he joined the Kirkwood studio in St. Louis, MO in 1974. Prior to Kenpo, he trained for 3 years in Judo and studied karate with Bob Yarnall.

While working on his Master’s Degree in History between 1975 and 1977, GM Davis had the good fortune to train under the great Roger Greene and his teacher, Joe Lewis.

In 1983, he became a student of GGM Al Tracy.

GM Davis was an avid tournament competitor from 1974 until his retirement in 2000, winning many state, regional, national and international titles.

His teaching philosophy is simple…when students come to him to train, they are putting their lives in his hands.

GM Davis retired from the US Army Reserves as a Lieutenant Colonel in Military Intelligence and Special Operations. He holds the rank of 10th degree black belt in Kenpo under Al Tracy and the rank of 9th degree black belt in the Roger Greene Martial Arts Association. He is a Charter Member of the Kenpo International Hall of Fame and serves as a member of the Tracy’s Kenpo Senior Advisory Council. He currently teaches in Troy, IL at the studio of his top black belt, Master Bill Dalton.

Grandmaster Jefferson Davis, 10th dan

Shodan through Judan: Tracy’s Kenpo Karate 1980 to 2015

Kudan: Roger Greene Martial Arts Association (Kang Duk Won) 2017

Tracy’s Kenpo Karate Senior Advisory Council

Several hundred national, regional, state kumite and kata awards from 1974 to 2000

Oklahoma Martial Arts HOF 1996

Midwest Martial Arts HOF 2003

Kenpo International HOF (Charter Member) 2007

US Martial Arts HOF 2010

Rakassians HOF 2012

Gathering of Eagles Masters Award 2001

Who’s Who in Martial Arts Award 2016

Civilian Honors:

MA in Euro-Russian History SMSU 1978

BA History SMS 1971

LT Colonel, U.S. Army (1972-2001)  in Military Intelligence & Special Operations

Command & General Staff College 1988

U.S Air War college 1996

Published my first novel Strawman Cometh (Amazon) in 2019 with second part Strawman Returneth in 2022.

Professor Ted Sumner
Executive Member

Professor Ted Sumner, 10th dan

Professor Ted Sumner began his martial arts training with the Tracy Brothers in San Jose, California in November of 1963. He received extensive training as an instructor and began teaching for the Tracy’s in San Jose in October of 1967. He was awarded his Black Belt on October 11, 1968, one week before his 18th birthday.

Professor Sumner served as a Deputy Sheriff for Santa Clara County assigned to the Main Jail and later as a member of the San Jose Police Department working in Patrol, as an Undercover Narcotics Officer and on the elite SWAT Team. His Kenpo skills were well tested during years in Law Enforcement.

Professor Sumner is the author of the book Deep Cover Cop a true life account of his years as an Undercover Narcotics Officer. He also developed and wrote Secrets of the Kenpo Healing Arts, a distance guided instructional course in the healing arts of Kenpo. In 1988 Professor Sumner opened San Jose Kenpo where he taught as Chief Instructor until 2013 when he retired to Austin, Texas turning the school over to his top student Vance Murakami.

Master Bill Dalton
Senior Associate Member

Bill Dalton, Kudan (9th degree black belt)

Master Billy Dalton started his Kenpo Karate training in 1991 under GM Jefferson Davis at his Tracy Karate School in Granite City, Illinois. He currently holds the rank of kudan, 9th degree black belt.

Billy was a hard charging student and earned his shodan in 1994. This was a remarkable achievement due to the demands of the school curriculum. An avid competitor, Billy began competition as a yellow belt and over a 25 year competitive career, excelled in both fighting and forms. In his 25 years of competition, he won numerous local, state, regional, and national titles. He was a top-rated fighter in NASKA for several years placing at the top in both forms and fighting.

Master Dalton has owned and operated Tracy Karate in Troy Illinois for 24 years, producing excellent students and several NASKA national champion fighters. He promoted the “Land of Lincoln” Karate Championships for several years as well as helping his instructor, GM Jefferson Davis manage and direct several of his St. Louis Budweiser National Karate tournaments. His other teaching endeavors over the years include GOE Seminars with GM Davis; women’s self-defense classes, the Boy Scouts, and courses at the local high school.

Master Dalton’s honors are many and include induction into the Midwest Martial Arts HOF in 2004, the Kenpo International Hall of Fame in 2009 and the USA Martial Arts HOFs in 2009 and 2012. He was also awarded the St. Louis Budweiser National’s Lifetime Achievement Award, and awarded both the Kenpo Lifetime Achievement and Spirit of the Warrior Awards by Great Grand Master Al Tracy. Billy Dalton is a professional Kenpo Master in every respect. He follows in the Martial Arts Ethos of GM Jefferson Davis and his teacher, Hanshi Roger Greene (RIP). Billy serves on the Tracy’s Kenpo Senior Associate Council.

Master John DeLuca
Senior Associate Member

John DeLuca is a 9th Degree Black Belt in the Tracy System of Kenpo and is dedicated to teaching students of all ranks and styles the practical applications of martial arts for realistic use in real world conflicts.

John DeLuca – 9th dan

John’s first training was in Judo in 1966 at age 8 for 2 years.

Started training in Tracy kenpo at age 14 in September of 1972 and has always continued to train and teach the complete Tracy System as his primary martial art.

Fought in K.R.A.N.E. sanctioned tournaments as a youth and young adult under his instructor and nationally ranked fighter Larry Kelly. Competed throughout New England and New York including at Madison Square Garden.

Was a member in the 1970’s of C.O.K.A. (Chinese Okinawan Kenpo Association) and cross trained with other affiliate schools in various Chinese and Okinawan Kenpo variants

Is a former instructor in Shootfighting under Bart Vale

Trained and taught Eishin Ryu Iaijutsu (Japanese Sword) under Carl Long Sensei and Masayuki Shimabukuro Sensei. (The author of the best selling Japanese sword training book “Flashing Steel”)

Other systems studied: Small Circle Jiu Jitsu, Eskrima.

Is a Charter Member of the Kenpo International Hall of Fame.

Lt. Deputy Sheriff – Hampden County Sheriff’s Department, Massachusetts.
Sworn Police Officer since 1983
Deputy Sheriff since 1987
Founding member of county-wide prisoner apprehension team
Founding member of county-wide tactical response team

Professor Vance Murakami
Senior Associate Member

Professor Vance Murakami, 8th dan

Vance Murakami initially began studying martial arts when he was 11, under Sensei Kikuchi, with the San Jose Buddhist Judo Club.  There he learned the fundamental basics of falling, rolling, and throwing.

Fortuitously, in 1992, Vance’s sister and wife were taking self-defense lessons at San Jose Kenpo with now Grand Master Ted Sumner.   It was then that Vance decided to re-join the martial arts world, and hasn’t looked back since.   He’s had the privilege to study under the tutelage of Grand Master Ted Sumner, and was promoted to Hachidan, 8th Degree Black Belt on July 9th, 2017.

Through the years, and in Vance’s passion and pursuit of the art, he’s also had the opportunity to study not only under Grand Master Sumner, but also Grand Master Ray Arquilla.  Through these two Grand Masters, he obtained his Kosho Shorei.  Kosho Shorei is a requirement for Nidan at San Jose Kenpo, along with knowing the entire Tracy’s system.  Vance has taken great appreciation in learning the principles and application of being effective in this art, but yet non-lethal.

In 2004, through Professor Siegfried Kufferath and Professor Tony Janovich, Vance became certified in advanced Seifukijitsu, and continues to teach the Healing Arts through San Jose Kenpo School.  Vance has taken to heart the words of Professor Kufferath, “It’s easy to hurt someone.   The real skill is in healing them.”

Vance enjoys giving back to the community through Kenpo.   He teaches Rehabilitation Through Kenpo (RTK) at the Services for Brain Injury, in Silicon Valley, helping veterans and those suffering from Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI).  Through this work, Vance was awarded Humanitarian of the Year at the GOE in 2019, and continues this work today.

Vance was inducted as a Charter Member to the Kenpo International Hall of Fame in 2007.   In 2011, he received a Lifetime Achievement Award for his service and contribution to Martial Arts.   Vance, in 2013, received the Spirit of the Warrior award for his recognition in Kenpo. Vance is a Senior Associate Member of the Tracy’s Kenpo Karate Executive Council.

Vance is the Head Master of San Jose Kenpo, and with his mechanical engineering background, enjoys bringing an analytical approach to the art.

At GOE 2022, Professor Murakami and his instructor, Professor Ted Sumner will teach a 2-hour session on Completing the Circle of Knowledge, highlighting the 3 principle arts of the Tracy System (Kenpo (war art), Kosho-Shorei (non-lethal arts) and Chotaifukusi (healing arts). The seminar will focus on the relationships, differences and importance of each art, with an emphasis on how the healing arts transfer to kenpo techniques.

Shihan David Hopper
Senior Associate Member

Dave Hopper, 8th dan

David Hopper has 37 years experience training in and teaching martial arts, with blackbelts in Tracy’s Kenpo Karate and Seiwakai Gojuryu.

Mr. Hopper holds an 8th dan in kenpo and kenpo jujitsu, is a certified Master Instructor of kenpo, Tai Chi and Yoga instructor. He is a Charter Member of the Kenpo International Hall of Fame (2007) and in 2013, received the “Spirit of the Warrior” award from GGM Al Tracy.

He serves as aSenior Associate Member of the Tracy’s Kenpo Executive Council and has presented seminars at the 2013, 2015, 2017 and 2019 Gatherings of Eagles.

At the 2019 Gathering of Eagles, Mr. Hopper received the “Innovative Instructor of the Year” award for his development of an application based, structured approach to integrating the Kosho Shorei concepts of James Mitose into any martial art, utilizing techniques of the individual art to teach, test and learn the concepts.

Professor Henry Childers
Associate Member

Professor Henry Childers, 8th dan

Prof. Henry Childers (Hachidan – 8th degree black belt) is an accomplished martial arts instructor with over fifty years of hands-on experience in the field of self defense.  Mr. Childers has trained individuals from various professions and backgrounds including the film industry, law enforcement, and military.

He maintains knowledge of various martial arts including Kenpo, Small Circle Jujitsu, and Modern Arnis while teaching a unique, personalized, and highly effective blend of martial arts that is based on the science and mechanics of human anatomy, and designed to exploit the vulnerabilities of an attacker in an aggressive scenario.

He believes that we should never limit ourselves in learning effective moves if it will help with defending ourselves.  He openly demonstrates his assertive style during class and seminars, captivating and educating his audience.

Mr. Childers is an inductee and a charter member of the Kenpo International Hall of Fame since its inception in Chicago, IL on June 23rd, 2007.  In August of 2011, Mr. Childers received the prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award for his contributions to the world of self defense.  Mr. Childers has also been inducted as a “Keeper of the Flame” in August of 2019.Since then he has appeared in various publications and podcasts such as “The World’s Greatest Martial Artists Volume 15“, “Five Faces of Kempo“, and “Whistlekick Martial Arts Radio – Interview.”

Mr. Childers continues to train others and takes great pride in his accomplishments and that of his students.

Master Anthony Verburgt
Associate Member

Master Anthony Verburgt, 9th dan

Master Anthony Verburgt has a unique background in teaching the martial arts.  His fighting background began in the tough streets of the hard rock mines of Colorado as a youth.  He became involved in boxing in high school, Kodokan Judo in College, has now spent 56 years earning the Oriental Martial Arts Systems and has taught in a Tracy’s studio since 1974. He has run his own club and later studio since 1979.  His instructors include James Dixon and GM Dr. Roger Greene who later introduced him to SGM Al Tracy who took him under wing and promoted him through his Dan Rankings.

He is a professional educator having dedicated 36 years to teaching in the Missouri Secondary Schools System, Colleges, and is retired from education leaving his last position as an Adjunct Instructor of Spanish at Drury University. 

He is also a retired Deputy Sheriff of Taney County with 36 years of service with a specialty in the instruction of defensive tactics.

Master Anthony Verburgt – 9th dan

Master Verburgt is a Kudan, 9th Degree Black Belt. A fierce competitor, having been previously ranked #1 in North America Sport Karate Association, #3 in Professional Karate League and for 5 consecutive years was the State Fighting and Forms Champion in the Arkansas State Karate Circuit.

In 2007 Master Verburgt was inducted into the Kenpo International Hall of Fame as a Charter Member and in 2019 was named as an Associate Member of the Tracy’s Kenpo Senior Advisory Council.

Master Verburgt has presented seminars throughout the United States, Mexico, England and Ireland by request. He will present his seminar on the development of speed off the line for use both in competition and on the street involving self-defense.

Sifu Roy Abramowitz
Associate Member

Sifu Roy Abramowitz, 8th dan

The lessons learned in the martial arts are a primary reason for my business success. The lessons taught me to follow instruction, push myself beyond expectation, achieve tasks that are unpleasant and realize “it is not always the talent, but what is in the heart” that leads to success. The martial arts have taught me to be successful over the longest of odds, and that I can’t is not an option. 

Over the past twenty-two years Roy Abramowitz has trained with Shihan Gary Gione, and the late Sei Tai Gung James Ibrao and the late Senior Sei Tai Gung Jimmy Wing Woo.

Awarded Rank of: Sifu Ngon Lung Silver Dragon 8th Degree Black Belt – August 15 2015 – Jun Bao Wu Shu Kung Fu Tai Chi International Chinese Martial Arts Association – Family Tree of Sifu Grand Master Sei Tai Gung James Ibrao and Grandmaster Senior Sei Tai Gung Jimmy Wing Woo. Placed on Jun Bao Wu Shu Kung Fu Tai Chi Board April 2016

Awarded rank of Rokudan – Sixth Degree Black Belt – Tracy Kenpo Karate by Shihan Gary Gione – Elite Defensive Tactics – November 15, 2021

Associate Member of the Tracy’s Kenpo Karate Senior Council
Kenpo International Hall of Fame – 2011
Action Martial Arts Magazine Hall of Fame – 2001
Two time National Champion – North American Sport Karate Association.
State Champion – Karate Referee’s Association of the North East
Kranes Int’l – Top Ten 
NASKA and KRANE’s Competitor of the Year.

Began studying the martial arts in 1963 in Shotokan – Japanese Karate Association under Sensei Maynard Minor.

Roy Abramowitz is a Certified Public Accountant trained by the Big Four Accounting Firms and started his own firm in 1987. The firm is a member of the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (PCAOB) and is quality reviewed by the National Peer Review Committee of the AICPA. 

Other activities include the Greenwich CT Council of the Boy Scouts of America – currently Treasurer/Officer, Executive Committee and Board of Directors member. Served as the Treasurer, Chair of the Finance Committee and member of the Executive Committee and Board of Directors of the Starlight Children’s Foundation for 25 years. Active with the SPCA, Cancercare and Save the Children.

Sifu Abramowitz was a featured instructor at the 2019 and 2022 Gathering of Eagles.

Master Todd Tomco
Associate Member

Master Todd Tomco, 7th dan

Master Todd Tomco began his training at Tracy’s Karate Studio located in Parma, Ohio, in 1985, under the instruction of Grand Master Mark Miller.  He knew immediately that he would build his life around the art of Kenpo and would one day own his own dojo. 

In 1999, he opened his own Tracy’s Karate Studio in Medina, Ohio.  His studio has continued to grow and expand its many programs throughout the years.  Tracy’s Karate Studio of Medina has been proud to host many seminars taught by Grand Masters, Masters, and Senseis, including several by Great Grand Master Al Tracy himself.  Master Todd organizes and runs Tracy’s Invitational Karate Tournament twice a year, drawing competitors from around the world.

Always wanting to learn more, Master Todd travels the country attending seminars held by other great martial artists.  At home, he continues to train weekly under the instruction of Grand Master Mark Miller and holds the rank of 7th-degree black belt.  Mastering over a hundred katas, he trains daily to maintain the wealth of knowledge he has gained.

In recognition of his achievements, he was inducted into the Kenpo International Hall of Fame in 2015 and the Cleveland Martial Arts Hall of Fame in 2019. Master Tomco was a featured instructor at the Gathering of Eagles, 2022. He also serves as an associate member of the Tracy’s Kenpo Karate Executive Council.

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Roger Arpin – Senior Associate Member of the Executive Council

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