2022 Gathering of Eagles & Kenpo International Hall of Fame Banquet

26 August, 2022

To All Gathering of Eagles 2022 Participants,

We would like to personally thank each of you for coming to GOE22 making it a wonderful premiere event. We had great pleasure in meeting and talking with all of you over the weekend. Your comments and imputes were great and will help to make GOE24 even better!

We all felt that the seminars offered at this GOE were some of the best ever presented at any of the past GOEs. I feel that the bonding between the different kenpo teachers and schools was just as important as the seminars.  I firmly believe that the future of Kenpo Karate lies in all Kenpo practioners of every style bonding together as one.  “United We Stand and Divided We Fall!”

It was the plan Great Grand Master Al Tracy had in mind when he founded the Gathering of Eagles and the Kenpo International Hall of Fame. Bring us together as one!

Many thanks to all of you for making this event the best! The Gathering of Eagles 2024 will be held again here at East Gate in Collinsville Illinois in August of 2024. Then it will move to another location for the next two events in 2026 and 2028.

Respectfully Yours,

Grand Master Jefferson Davis

Grand Master Billy Dalton