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Self Defense

    Self defense has always set Tracy's apart from other martial arts.  Kenpo defined is the art of striking the vital points of the body.  Tracy's curriculum of over 700 self defense techniques teaches students not only how to strike the vital points of the body, but how to do so in a manner that is logical, natural, and flowing,  blending striking and grappling into seamless movement.

    When Tae Kwon Do was introduced into the Olympics, Tracy's stuck with self defense.  When the "Karate Kid" era hit, and parents started bringing their children to martial arts to "improve their grades and self esteem," we were teaching self defense to children.  When other schools began focusing on tournament fighting and sport karate, we focused on self defense.  When mixed martial arts events came on the scene, and everyone began to feel the need to learn Brazilian jujitsu, we continued to do what we do best.  Because Tracy's integration of striking and grappling is so seamless, many were surprised to discover that grappling had been there all along.  When "Tae Bo" and "Cardio Kickboxing" were introduced, we stuck with self defense and continued offering state of the art, intense workout classes, with martial arts moves taught by martial arts experts.

    Now, the focus is on scenario based self defense training.  For over 40 years, the Tracy System of Kenpo has offered a curriculum of over 600 self defense scenarios We will continue doing what we have always done, and the others will continue to follow our lead.


The Ultimate in Self Defense Training





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