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Adult Programs

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The Tracy System of Kenpo

At Tracy's we specialize in self defense training for adults.  Our lesson plans are geared specifically to the way that adults learn and retain information.  We will not only teach you real, effective self defense techniques, we will teach you the theory behind each movement.  If you are the type of person that wants the "why" as well as the "how," then we are the school for you.

Option #1:  Students may attend one private lesson each week and unlimited workout classes.

Option #2:  Students may attend two private lessons each month and unlimited workout classes.

Option #3:  Students may attend unlimited workout classes with no private instruction. 

Please contact an instructor for prices!

   The focus of these programs is on teaching the art of Kenpo, specifically, the Tracy System of Kenpo.  The curriculum of the system is designed to teach adults real self defense,  the skills needed to use the techniques effectively, and the theory behind the movements.  Private lessons focus on the techniques, forms, and basics of the system, and provide the student with individual time to ask questions and perfect the skills being taught.

    Group workout classes focus on neuromuscular conditioning through repetitive movement of the techniques and basics.  The classes are designed to help the student build the power, speed, balance, timing, accuracy, and flexibility necessary to utilize the self defense techniques. 

Private Lessons available by appointment

Japanese Yoga

     Japanese Yoga with regards to the practice of kenpo is concerned with the proper structure and alignment of the body during movement.  It is proper structure and alignment that allows for energy collection, the efficient use of the body, and the proper execution of techniques to maximize power.  The practice of japanese yoga is not based on typical indian yoga postures, although these postures may be used to help the student understand the underlying concepts.

"When regarded as a systematic exercise, kenpo can be performed swiftly and vigorously without strain in moving the limbs.  The respiration and circulation becomes rapid; the regeneration of the body becomes active.  Even a short period of practice is beneficial." - - James M. Mitose, 21st Great Grandmaster of Kosho Shorei Ryu Kenpo Karate.

Tai Chi      

    The focus of our Tai Chi program is health and fitness.  Tai Chi emphasizes breathing, posture, balance, strength, flexibility, and movement.  Our program focuses on the Yang Style of Tai Chi, and incorporates a blend of repetitive qigong movements to enhance the training and improve the well being of the participants.

Short Courses            

    Kenpo is a multi-faceted art, and sometimes students find areas of the art that they would like to apply a more concentrated attention to, but they do not wish to slow their progress in the rest of the system.  A Short Course consists of 8 private lessons, designed by the instructor with input from the student.  Each Short Course will focus on whatever area of training the student wishes, without interfering with the Kenpo Karate Program.


  •   Weapons Training
  •    Japanese Yoga
  •    Sparring
  •    Self Defense Technique Application
  •    Stretching
  •    Jujitsu Applications
  •    Kicking
  •    Kosho Shorei 4-Phase Application Principles
  •    Tai Chi
  •    Principles of Dynamic Punching


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