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Private Instruction

    One of the aspects of training that has always set the Tracy System ahead of the curve is private instruction.  Each student receives at least one private lesson each week in addition to the group workout classes.  Private lessons are taught by certified, black belt instructors.

    Private instruction allows a student to develop at his or her own pace, in a safe environment, free of the distractions of a class type atmosphere.  In a private lesson, students and instructors have the freedom to explore the techniques and to tailor the curriculum to fit the individual needs of each student.

    Private lessons are excellent tools for teaching children.  Although many children do well in a group environment, most will benefit greatly from some one on one time with their instructor.  In private, there is no pressure to perform, no one watching you learn a new and difficult skill, and no peer pressure to act out.

    Another benefit of private instruction is found in the group classes.  Because new material is learned and practiced first in private, the instructor in group are able to gear the class towards repetition and fitness, correcting mistakes and improving performance, but not really needing to take the time to teach new material.

    In short, students who participate in a martial arts program that includes private instruction are able to assimilate much more material in a shorter amount of time than those who attend group classes only.

    Students are able to take as many private lessons as they wish, and through the use of short courses, have freedom to customize our curriculum to fit their needs and desires.

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