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Kata Requirements
The katas are taught at the following belt levels
Revised February 2009 



Orange Short #1 Four Shields
Purple Short #2 Cat Set
Long #1 Shield & Mace
Blue Short #3 Single Escape Set
Long #2 Continuous Set
Green Book Set  
Long #3 Double Escape Set
3rd Brown Mass Attack A & B
Long #4 Definitive Set
#1 Staff Darkroom Staff
2nd Brown Tiger & Crane  
#2 Staff Skylight Staff
1st Brown Little Tiger  
Long #5 Transition Set/Ground Set
Skylight Spear  
1st Black Two Person Set  
Long #6 Weapon Set
#3 Staff  
#1 Sword Set Japanese Sword Set #1
2nd Black (all empty hand katas performed left handed) Long #7 Continuing Set
Earth & Sky  
Tai Chi Yang Style Short Form
Butterfly Wings  
3rd Black Tam Tui Springing Thigh Set
8 Point Spear  
Basic Butterfly  
Finger Set  
Moving Finger Set  
4th Black Wong Family Shaolin Hand Set 
Circular Spear  
Iron Butterfly  
5th Black Long #8 Twin Set
18 Section Punching Set 
Chinese Saber  
6th Black Chinese Set  
Chinese Spear  
Make up your own kata based on a kenpo principle 




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