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Adult Group    MW 6-7, Tues 6:30-7:30

        This class is for student's ages 13 and over.  The class is a conditioning class that will focus on neuromuscular conditioning and high repetition of the basics of kenpo.  Strength, speed, balance, power, flexibility, agility, and coordination will be stressed in a workout environment.  Students may come late or leave early as needed, but we work out hard in these classes and expect all who attend to give 100%.  Students should attend class in uniform.  Gi pants and kenpo t-shirt are acceptable.

Classes are one (1) hour in length.

Sparring Class    Thurs. 6:30-7:30

        This class is for adults.  It is a freestyle sparring class geared towards learning how to use the basics of kenpo in a dynamic environment against students of varying skill and intensity levels.  Sparring gear should consist of foot pads, hand pads, shin pads, a groin cup or breast protector, and a mouthpiece.  We suggest wearing head gear as well.


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Tracy's Kenpo Karate of Shreveport, LA

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