​​Our chief instructor, Dave Hopper, trained at and managed the Tracy's International Studios of Self Defense National Headquarters in Lexington, Ky.

​He has presented seminars at the 2013, 2015 and 2017 Gatherings of Eagles, and at the 2016 Last Man Standing event honoring the late GGM Al Tracy.

The Tracy System of Kenpo was founded in 1962 by the late GGM Al Tracy, and is a martial art based on self defense training for adults.

Our curriculum is based on over 600 different self defense techniques, 35 katas and a comprehensive selection of blocks, strikes and kicks.

Private lessons focus on the techniques, forms, and basics of the system, and provide the student with individual time to ask questions and perfect the skills being taught.

Group workout classes focus on neuromuscular conditioning through repetitive movement of the techniques and basics.  The classes are designed to help the student build the power, speed, balance, timing, accuracy, and flexibility necessary to utilize the self defense techniques.


Tracy's opened our first Louisiana location in New Orleans in 1970.
Tracy's Kenpo Karate of Shreveport, LA opened on October 3, 1994.
​Instructor: David Hopper
​     7th degree black belt - Tracy's Kenpo Karate - August 7, 2015
​     7th degree black belt - Kenpo Jujitsu - August 7, 2015
​     7th degree black belt - Scottish Budo Association
​     Charter Member - Kenpo International Hall of Fame - 2007
     Certified Master Instructor - Tracy's Kenpo Karate - 2005
     Certified Tai Chi Instructor - 1995
​     YogaFit Level 2 Teacher Training - 2013
​     Strongpose Yoga Teacher Training - 2017


GGM Al Tracy began developing the curriculum of Tracy's Kenpo with his brother, Jim, in 1962. It is a complete, comprehensive system of self defense training.

GMs Mark and Pat Tracy and the Tracy's Senior Advisory Council are committed to maintaining the high standards of the system, as developed by the Tracy Brothers, encouraging development of new training methods, while leaving the curriculum of the system unchanged.

At Tracy's Kenpo Karate of Shreveport, LA, our philosophy is very simple...if you wish to be a Tracy's black belt, you must learn the Tracy System.


At Tracy's we specialize in self defense training for adults.  Our lesson plans are geared specifically to the way that adults learn and retain information.  We will not only teach you real, effective self defense techniques, we will teach you the theory behind each movement.  If you are the type of person that wants the "why" as well as the "how," then we are the school for you.

The focus of our program is on teaching the art of Kenpo, specifically, the Tracy System of Kenpo.  The curriculum of the system is designed to teach adults real self defense,  the skills needed to use the techniques effectively, and the theory behind the movements.  

​There are no belt test fees...ever. Children and adults do not work out together. Each student receives a private lesson each week and unlimited group workouts.

Our staff is made up of professional, black belt instructors certified by GGM Al Tracy and Master Instructor Dave Hopper
  1. Daniel Green
    Daniel Green
    1st degree black belt, Certified Instructor
  2. Carl Ford
    Carl Ford
    2nd degree black belt, Certified Instructor
  3. Dave Hopper
    Dave Hopper
    7th degree black belt, Certified Master Instructor
  4. Jason Brook
    Jason Brook
    1st degree black belt, Certified Instructor
  1. GM Stuart Gavin, Scottish Budo Association
    Dave Hopper is one of the most rounded instructors I have ever had the pleasure of training with. His knowledge of the Tracy system and history is encyclopedic, while his teaching style is inspiring.
  2. GM Jefferson Davis (Lt. Col., Retired), Tracy's Kenpo Karate
    Dave Hopper is an excellent professional sensei.
  3. Milt Guinette, 8th degree black belt, Tracy's Kenpo Karate
    I can highly recommend Dave Hopper, and especially his Kenpo. He continues to stay true to his art, and his training. Would never hesitate sending anyone his way for guidance in furthering their understanding of Kenpo. He has proven to be an able teacher, and student. Tracy’s Kenpo is a better place with him around. And, it is my pleasure to have know him. Keep up the great work, Dave...!