Tracy’s Kenpo Karate

2024 marks the 25th Anniversary of Kenpo’s Historic Gathering of Eagles.
It will be held in conjunction with the Kenpo International Hall of Fame Banquet in Collinsville, IL (near St. Louis).
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Before his demise, Grand Master Al Tracy made it very clear to his senior students that it was his desire that the Tracy System of Kenpo continue to advance, refine and progress.

In keeping with those wishes and drawing from their extensive and comprehensive knowledge of Kenpo and the healing art of Chotaifukusu, Grandmaster Ted Sumner and Professor Vance Murakami have created an enhanced Tracy’s Kenpo Karate Quick Reference Manual.


This manual incorporates knowledge of the Chotaifukusi Healing Arts into the technique descriptions in order to identify and reveal with great specificity the intended targets and consequences of striking or manipulating certain parts of the body.


It is with the utmost respect to the memory and legacy of Great Grandmaster Al Tracy that this manual is dedicated.


This manual is copyrighted by Pat Tracy, Vance Murakami and Ted Sumner.

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